The recruitment process normally contains 7 steps. In particular situations the process can differ as each client has their own methods and procedures. Below you will find the general steps which should be taken:

Step 1: Apply / Submit CV

The candidate is interested in working abroad and applies by submitting their CV.

Step 2: Initial screening interview by telephone

A consultant will contact you by telephone for an initial screening interview. During this conversation we aim to learn more about your experiences, requirements, ambitions and goals whilst working abroad.

Step 3: Intake interview

During this interview we want to learn who you are, what you can, what you would like to do and what your ideal company culture would be. The consultant will find out more about your personality, ambitions, motivation and your talent. A test could be part of the recruitment process.
At the same time we discuss the vacancies and career opportunities with the candidate. We give you more details about the jobs, clients, procedures, company cultures, practical issues, relocation, salaries and benefits. After the interview the candidate informs the consultant for which position they would like to apply for.

Step 4: Introducing the candidate to the client

If both parties are positive and confident about the application, we will introduce the candidate to the client by sending over your resume and personal notes. We then wait for feedback from the client.

Step 5: Recruitment process with the client

The continuation of the procedure depends on the client. Every company has their own methods ad procedures.

Step 6: Job offer

If you’re application was successful and the client has chosen to hire you, you will receive a job offer. Congratulations!

Step 7: Preparation

To make a good start, preparation is very crucial. Assisting you with your relocation is very important for us, we try to make sure that everything works out smoothly.
Most of the candidates arrive in the new country some days prior to the start of their new job. You’ll have a couple of days to acclimatise and explore your new city.
At the beginning everything is new to you. Your job, company, surroundings, people, sports and social life. Lots of social things are happening and you will meet a lot of new people so theres plenty of time to relax and to enjoy.

After the placement

Once the candidate has successfully secured a position, your consultant will contact you regularly to ensure that the job is going well and you’re comfortable and happy. We care and want to know how your role is really going, if you have any reservations or concerns you must let us know, as a successful placement needs to satisfy both parties.

Synmedici Guarantee

We see a relationship with you as a great opportunity, and are looking forward to providing you with the exemplary quality and service that is our hallmark.

A placement process with high quality means Project planning with the highest level and therfore causes costs. We guarantee preparation, training and support over the work beginning. If we do not fulfill our obligations, we will refund 75% of the fees. If you as customer do not fulfill your obligations, refund will be 50%.

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